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June 2017

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Member Since:

Jun 06, 2016



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Utah 3A State Champs '16 

Utah 4A State Champs '17 

XC School Record (state '17)

2nd TEAM ALL SW (nike sw '17)



  • 2.95mile - 17:36 (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 3 mile - 17:14.9 (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 5k - 17:53 (Nike SW '17)
  • half marathon - 1:28:09 (Dogtown Half Marathon '17)


  • 1600m - 5:17.90 (State Track '17 @ BYU)
  • 3200m - 11:14.11 (State Track '17 @ BYU)



  • 18:17 3 mile (Cedar All-Comers '17)
  • 18:21 3 mile (SUU Invite '17)
  • 17:37 2.95 mile (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 18:46 5k (Bob Firman Invitational '17)
  • 17:24:7 3 mile (Cedar Invite '17)
  • 17:14:9 3 mile (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 18:22:06 3mile (UHSAA State Championships '17)
  • 17:53 5k (Nike SW '17)
  • slow (FL West '17)

Short-Term Running Goals:



  • keep running varsity
  • sub 17:05 3 mile
  • sub 17:40 5k
  • go to nationals


  • sub 11:00 3200m
  • sub 5:10 1600m
  • break the 3200m school record



Long-Term Running Goals:

run in college

always love running


pine view sophomore. country music, ice cream and four-wheelers are prolly my fav things everrrr

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 8.30 Month: 8.30 Year: 566.00
Total Distance
Total Distance

am- 1st day of practice!! it was dope. 30 minutes by maverick and onto that swag trail a little. I felt kinda like a robot the whole time because of the break and my knees really hurttttt but it was good to run again cuz then I don't feel lazy. also I really missed all've my running buddies. SO HAPPY THAT XC IS HERE!!!

Total Distance

am- 35 minutes with 15 on the road 15 grass and 6 dope striders. felt like a robot again at the first of the run and my legs really hurttttt but they actually stopped hurting like a fourth into the run and felt almost back to normal :)) kids club after was dope as well. I'm coaching 3-4 grade girls w/ ry, alli, maddy, and j dawg. few sassy ones but they're all pretty swagggg. didn't do much running at kids club cuz me and ry were doing paper stuff the whole time but it was swag. also s/o go alli b cuz she was so good with the kids and kept them entertained the whole time :))

also happy day cuz it's my 1 year anniversary on the blog :)

Total Distance

am- 40 minutes on the turtle trail. my legs & knees still hurt a bit at the beginning but they felt back to normal for the rest of the run. had some good conversation and a goooood time. also shoutout to j money cuz she is doing sooooooo good!

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Total Distance

am- 30 minutes on telegraph and up to maverick a bit. felt a little bad at the beginning but that stopped after a few minutes. good little group with us and we kept a fast pace the whole time. finished up with 8 striders and they felt really good. nice to finally feel in shape and back to normal. mostly. 

today's s/o goes to maycee because she is super swag and also she told us she was going to try to stay with the pack for at least 15 minutes and she stayed right in the pack the ENTIRE time!

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Total Distance

am- 45 minutes starting at Sullivan then up on the roller coaster hills and finished up on the road. felt pretty good but right as we got off the trail my back was really hurting. luckily towards the end it felt a little better. good group and a good hard run.

today's s/o is for jos cuz I missed her quite a lot and I was very glad that she came and ran with us :)

Total Distance

am- 35 minutes total. ran from my house and then met up with the girls at the park and went up mustang pass a little. got a few random pick ups in there as well, which felt good. that's all. peace out. 

Total Distance

am- ran up to the dirt mile and warmed up for 20 minutes and then picked up the pace (sorta a tempo but not quite as fast) for 25 minutes. felt real good until the last 2 minutes going straight into the wind but we finished strong and then ran/ cooled down back to the school for 15 or so minutes. good hard run :)


Total Distance

am- 15 road run 15 grass run w/ 6 striders. felt good however the grass was really hurting my feet because it was freezing and it felt like I was stepping on nails when my feet are numb. chickened out and put my shoes on halfway through the grass run and then my feet felt goooooood. kids club after. it was good. 

pm- weights w/ some kool katzzzzzz

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Total Distance

am- good to be back and run w/ my buddies :) hard long run today into hells hole and up for a while on the Sullivan trail and then some more places and then back to the school. 70 minutes w/ 4*1minute pickups. the pickups were tough but it helped me to push and stay up with the girls. my legs kinda hurt and it was pretty dang hard but what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger. am I right or am I right ;)


Total Distance


am- 35 minutes//15 road 15 grass with 8 striders. good run. felt good and stuff. nice to chill after yesterday's run :)

kids club after was swag. it was really hot but we did some fun stuff. me and alli created a dope obstacle course which was epoccccc. one of the girls kept screaming randomly but that's ok, she's cool.


pm- weights. and it was good cuz now I can kinda sorta bench 2.5's ;) haha. also roberts had some wise words for us all and they were swag. 

In conclusion: go running and come to weights where you will get buff and hear some wise words.

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Total Distance

am- 40 minutes up the turtle trail :) kinda tough being in that sand and stuff but we had some good conversation goin on to make it a little easier. 

also I'm going outta town so if I don't have wifi and can't blog I'm not dead I'm just partying w/ no wifi and I'll blog some other time. 

Total Distance

am- 80 minutes & 4*1 minute pick-ups//ran in a giant loop that was dope but kinda hard to explain. up to green springs park and then back on telegraph and then flipped on telegraph and ran back to the school. hard run but we kept a fast pace and a good pack! last 10 minutes were tough tho cuz i had less minutes therefore I had finish up solo and had no one to help push me. however that made me very grateful for the 70 minutes that I had runnin w/ my homies. 

tip of the day: run in a group and drink lottttttttttttts of water :)

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Total Distance

am- 15 road/15 grass w/ 6 striders. felt good and all. 

running club race was today and it was as swag as ever. ran most of the race with a swag kat known as elin holt :)) man she is swag and she totally beasted that race.


pm- weights & a 15 minute run. and boy it was hotsy totsy outside but it was a goooooood run. 

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Total Distance

am- 55 minute hilly run out in the desert. the hills were tough but the way back mostly flat so that was swag. me and my legs felt gooooooooood so that was goooooooood.

s/o to maycee & brianna cuz they did super goooooooooooooooood.

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am- tempo todayyyyyy! 20 minutes warm up then 25 tempo and cooled like 15 :)) hard workout but it was good. had a good, tight pack which was real good :) were working on having at least 5 girls pushing in the top pack the whole time (because top 5 score ya know). holt & Roberts helped to keep us positive and to stay with the pack and that helped a lot. during the last 10 minutes I kept tripping on all've the rocks lol but I hung in there and we finished w/ a good group of girls. 

pm- weights & a 15 minute chill run. kind of a recovery run from this morning which was goooooooooooood.

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