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December 2017

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Member Since:

Jun 06, 2016



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Utah 3A State Champs '16 

Utah 4A State Champs '17 

XC School Record (state '17)

2nd TEAM ALL SW (nike sw '17)

2018 Region 9 Champ



  • 2.95mile - 17:36 (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 3 mile - 17:14.9 (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 5k - 17:53 (Nike SW '17)
  • half marathon - 1:28:09 (Dogtown Half Marathon '17)


  • 1600m - 5:17.90 (State Track '17 @ BYU)
  • 3200m - 11:14.11 (State Track '17 @ BYU)



  • 18:17 3 mile (Cedar All-Comers '17)
  • 18:21 3 mile (SUU Invite '17)
  • 17:37 2.95 mile (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 18:46 5k (Bob Firman Invitational '17)
  • 17:24:7 3 mile (Cedar Invite '17)
  • 17:14:9 3 mile (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 18:22:06 3mile (UHSAA State Championships '17)
  • 17:53 5k (Nike SW '17)
  • slow (FL West '17)

Short-Term Running Goals:



  • keep running varsity
  • sub 17:05 3 mile
  • sub 17:40 5k
  • go to nationals


  • sub 11:00 3200m
  • sub 5:10 1600m
  • break the 3200m school record



Long-Term Running Goals:

run in college

always love running


pine view junior. country music, ice cream and four-wheelers are my fav things everrrr oh and slime also I love my cowgirl boots k that's all bye my blog is cool so read it

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 17.10 Month: 27.10 Year: 767.30
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Total Distance


pm- short lil run. it was hard. very hard. my legs and knees were KILLING me but i just talked to pyper about slime and that helped the run go by. on the way back a lady got out of her car and asked us to jump it but we were running and didnt have cars so... anyway we ended up pushing it a lil way and then jace went and jumped it later. man she was somethin. she wanted to help us push so she wouldnt get in her car and steer and so she steered from outside of it and then had to jump in it later and slam on the brakes cuz it was going fast and was about to smack a car on the side of the road. also i was a lil offended cuz she was really doubting our physical ability. but now she knows were buff so its ok. and we felt good cuz we gave service and also i feel good cuz i can give my seminary devotional on it next class cuz helping people when their cars are dead brings me joy.

oh im also sad tho cuz over the break of not running i also didnt blog and now my 200+ viewers are all gone and im back to the sad 90's once again :((

also i actually have no idea how far we went cuz my watch is broken :/

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pm- 15 track, 15 grass and 8 striders. i rlly dont know how it can be so easy for some people to just start running again cuz its been sooooooooooooo hard for me. i am rlly tryin my best and it gets better as we go on but just my knees and my right foot/big toe just kill. once we got on the grass i felt much better but i was still hurtin quite a bit. hopefully i can get back in the grooooove soon. 

although i felt like trash, me and py talked about slime once again and it was a great time :))

also where i got my wisdom teeth out, its just weird, it doesnt rlly hurt i guess, it just feels sooooooo weird when i run and makes it kinda feel like one of the cuts has reopened. even tho it has not. 

k thats it bye

oh actually one more thing !! today is a good day cuz remember awhile back when i wrote on here that i got my new swag nike pegs and i was SO EXCITED !! well they ended up being to big (even tho i have tooooons of pegs in the same size) so we had to send them back. good news is that the new pair came today and im SO EXCITED once again :)) sad thing is i think my feet i shrinking cuz i had to send back my 5s and get kids :/ 

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pm- idk my miles or time cuz my watch is still #broken but i think its fine. 10 minutes w/ ry on the track before practice and then finished up on the road with the girls. at first my knees and foot still hurt pretty dangggg bad but it felt a lil better and thats good cuz its the best ive felt all week even tho it still hurt. i was gonna ice after but all the bags were gone. ill ice later tho so its all good. 

haha funny thing: jada saw a "freaking huge spider" and she screamed, then i saw it and realized it was fake hahah. it was funny. then i went and scared a few more kids with it hahah

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pm- lil run in the cold. still hurtin quite a bit but also feeling muuuuuuuuuuuch better too

s/o to colton staheliiiiiiiiiiii cuz its his b day and hes a cool kid. be careful cuz you can get arrested now hahahahah

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am/pm- slept in tell like 11:30 and then ran. idk my mileage or anything of that sort but I got a new watch band for Christmas cuz mine ripped so I'll have it back soooooooon.

the power was out last night for a bit so we stayed up late and played pool with lanterns haha. then the lights came on and we played more pool with lights

oh also I went to my grandma and grandpas house in cedar yesterday and built and huuuuuuge snowman that we could barley push at all. it took alllllllll me and brooks muscles (and that's sayin a lot cuz I'm #buff ya know ;))

one more thing..we were supposed to go skiing this week buuuuuuut there's no snow so now we're not

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am- slept til like 9:30 and then ran. pretty good run. kinda seemed to drag but my knees didnt hurt at all so that was good.

were finally going to star wars today. #suprised that no one spoiled it for me haha

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am- few miles on mustang pass w/ the girls. i strongly strongly dislike (that's my nice way of saying I absolutely hate) trails with all my heart but as a wise person once told me, "sometimes ya gotta do things ya don't wanna".

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am- lil run by myself and then walked/jogged with Brook to our neighbors house to get a dog we were supposed to play with. she's a rlly cute black lab puppy that's like one but she's sooooooo crazy and nvr runs out of energy it seems like. anyway on the walk back the dog was pulling like no other and me and Brook had to use allllllllllll or muscles to constrain her. now my hands hurt quite a lot. also she stopped and smelled EVERY SINGLE bush lol. wow she's the hyperest thing everrrrrrrr but she's cute and funny so I like her :))

oh also I've had a real sucky cold the past few days and it #sucks but I think it's fine I guess even tho I feel like I'm gonna die sometimes...from a cold 


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