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Week starting Mar 04, 2018

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Member Since:

Jun 06, 2016



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Utah 3A State Champs '16 

Utah 4A State Champs '17 

XC School Record (state '17)

2nd TEAM ALL SW (nike sw '17)

2018 Region 9 Champ



  • 2.95mile - 17:36 (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 3 mile - 17:14.9 (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 5k - 17:53 (Nike SW '17)
  • half marathon - 1:28:09 (Dogtown Half Marathon '17)


  • 1600m - 5:17.90 (State Track '17 @ BYU)
  • 3200m - 11:14.11 (State Track '17 @ BYU)



  • 18:17 3 mile (Cedar All-Comers '17)
  • 18:21 3 mile (SUU Invite '17)
  • 17:37 2.95 mile (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 18:46 5k (Bob Firman Invitational '17)
  • 17:24:7 3 mile (Cedar Invite '17)
  • 17:14:9 3 mile (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 18:22:06 3mile (UHSAA State Championships '17)
  • 17:53 5k (Nike SW '17)
  • slow (FL West '17)

Short-Term Running Goals:



  • keep running varsity
  • sub 17:05 3 mile
  • sub 17:40 5k
  • go to nationals


  • sub 11:00 3200m
  • sub 5:10 1600m
  • break the 3200m school record



Long-Term Running Goals:

run in college

always love running


pine view junior. country music, ice cream and four-wheelers are my fav things everrrr oh and slime also I love my cowgirl boots k that's all bye my blog is cool so read it

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 767.30
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Total Distance

am- 60 minutes out on like dixie rock and such. idk how many miles tho. knees felt pretty good... prolly cuz it was like they were icing while i was running haha

my running stuff is locked in the locker room at school and im #bummed cuz i cant get it cuz some kid had a bomb or something of that sort at our school so we got evacuated and chilled on the football field for 2 hours and "we are not allowed to enter until the investigation is over" so nobody can get anything. also there was like 50 billion cops and the bomb squad was there and firemen and news people and stuff and they had caution tape everywhere and there was a bomb robot there so that was cool

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am- weights (the ones i could do)

pm- 50 in washington. dangggg good run today :)) little pain in my right shin at first but it went away and never came back. also idk how to explain it, but where my left big toe connects to my foot rlly hurt but i just tried to not think about it cuz it wasnt gonna kill me or anything so... although my knees still hurt once i get home and stop and stuff, theyve been feeling a lotttttttt better these past few runs which im #grateful4 cuz it sucks to always hurt so bad you limp :( any way today was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper good and i ran/talked to pyper the whole time and were gonna party all summer and its going to be great :) also. sidenote, pyper is one of the hardest workers i know and shes gonna do some real awesome things real soon :))

also #guessin on mileage cuz i dont know it

also about yesterdays events...the fbi was involved too and it was a bomb. #thankful to be here

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am- 20 minutes !!!!!!!!!! first morning run in a loooooooooooooooooong time.

pm- 70 minutes (i think) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is by farrrrrrrr the furthest ive run in what feels like forever !! going into the workout i was rlly dreading it but it was soooooooooooooooo good !! also it felt sooooooooooooo good to finally do all of a workout and feel good !! 10 warm, 5 tempo and then 2*1200m, 2*(400m, 400m, 600m) all at cv and then 1 hill circuit and handoffs. today was thee besttttttttttttttttttttttttt

also i trimmed another cylinder today in ceramics and although it is still trash its significantly better then my other one and so thats cool 

also happy b day to alli b !!!! love you lots !!! <33

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am- some weights, some exercises and like 13 minute run.

pm- 45 through middleton. legs were rllllllllllllllllllly tired today but all that means to me is that im getting the tiredness out so its not there tomorrow. right shin hurts a lot

also i cant find my spikes anywhereeeeeeeeeeeee. hopefully ill find them within the next 5 hours. along with  my uniform cuz idk where that is either hahah. this literally happens EVERY single night before a race lol

school was good. i cant rlly remember it but i do remember that mr guitar teacher brought his rlly cute fluffy white puppy that kinda resembles a teddy/polar bear. it was like touching a cloud kinda

k bye

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am- 20 minutes and yoga

pm- warm up and then ran the mile. i sucked rlly bad but im excited for pv invite cuz hopefully ill be more in shape by that point haha. cool down and then warm up later for the 4 by 4. personally i didnt do good but it wasnt like suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper terrible ig. 

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