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Member Since:

Jun 06, 2016



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Utah 3A State Champs '16 

Utah 4A State Champs '17 

XC School Record (state '17)

2nd TEAM ALL SW (nike sw '17)



  • 2.95mile - 17:36 (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 3 mile - 17:14.9 (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 5k - 17:53 (Nike SW '17)
  • half marathon - 1:28:09 (Dogtown Half Marathon '17)


  • 1600m - 5:17.90 (State Track '17 @ BYU)
  • 3200m - 11:14.11 (State Track '17 @ BYU)



  • 18:17 3 mile (Cedar All-Comers '17)
  • 18:21 3 mile (SUU Invite '17)
  • 17:37 2.95 mile (Murray Cross Invite '17)
  • 18:46 5k (Bob Firman Invitational '17)
  • 17:24:7 3 mile (Cedar Invite '17)
  • 17:14:9 3 mile (Region 9 Championships '17)
  • 18:22:06 3mile (UHSAA State Championships '17)
  • 17:53 5k (Nike SW '17)
  • slow (FL West '17)

Short-Term Running Goals:



  • keep running varsity 
  • sub 17:30 3 mile 
  • run another half marathon
  • sub 17:20 3 mile 


  • sub 11:00 3200m
  • sub 5:10 1600m
  • break the 3200m school record 



Long-Term Running Goals:

run in college

always love running


pine view sophomore. country music, ice cream and four-wheelers are prolly my fav things everrrr

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 56.40 Year: 485.85
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Total Distance

am- best long run probably ever in my whole life. i hardcore loved it :) ran to dixie rock, did some hill repeats and ran back. the way there was basically all uphill but it didnt even feel like it (also i couldnt see where i was running so i didnt know i was going uphill haha) the hills were suuuuuuuuuuper good !! different girls took turns leading and they were suuuuuuuuuuuuper goooooooooooooooooooooood. then the whole way back was down hill and it was just great. roberts helped a lot as well cuz when ever a girl would fall off, he would encourage them to push to back to the pack (which was like 15 girls the whole time, and is usually only like 7. max) at the end we pushed the pace and it was sooooooooooooooo good! then at the very end, our time was up but ry said "jess lets get 8.5 miles so we ran like .4 or something more around the parking lot and practiced our hurdling skills over the speed bumps and it was super fun !!

pm- 20 minutes on the grass and a coooooooooooooooooool meeting by decker. good run but my feet are muddy now. maybe i shoulda worn shoes ;)


today was reallllllllllllllllllllllllll good. i had a delicious poptart for breakfast and even more delicious homemade pizza for lunch...with pretzels of course and some healthy stuff. i finished all of my jewelry homework and turned it in and im almost finished with my swag bracelet that ill never even consider wearing. intro to heath science was even better cuz i didnt have any time to do my medical math that was due today cuz i was doing jewelry homework and he never asked for it. now i have 2 more days to do it. then we had a dope swag assembly. the guy who talked told us some experiences and things he learned from the military but every time he would talk about them my mind went to running. every single thing he said applied to our team as well. it was pretty dope and i learned lots of stuff. at the end he told us to always give 100% in everything we do and im gonna really try to do that cuz i wanna be a better student, a better runner and many more things toooooooooo. then after that i ate some food that i talked about earlier for lunch. lunch is soooooooooooooooooooo fun !! oh funny story about lunch. i was running down the hallway to go talk to my bff rylee, and i was holding the back of my shirt by my neck so i looked kinda funny. also i didnt have shoes on. like always. i ran into the hall and i was like oh no cuz it was only me and ms comer in the hall. i avoided then i had biology and then i had math. i had a test that i forgot about but i think i did good thanks to all my helpers who teach me how to do math :) then i had foods. this time i knew about our quiz and i got 100% and then we watched part supersize me. its a documentary about obeseity. because some people think you eat mcdonalds every single day and not get obese. so a guy tests that and eats mcdonalds for every meal for a month and if they ask him to supersize it he has too. weve only watched a bit but ive seen it before cuz we watch documentarys about health and stuff all of the time at home hahaha. i dont like this documentary tho, i think its quite discusting. today was good.

wow the coolest thing ever just happened. before i blogged, jose and addi were the only ones who had blogged. i finished and rylee, carson, cooper, dylan, jose and addi had all blogged. TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!! now i gotta go cuz i need to read allve these blogs!! also today is the best day ever cuz i blogged and when i blog i jam to country music and its probably my fave part of the day besides lunch :))

Total Distance

am- weights and a run

pm- 50 minutes but ended up more like 54-55. at the beggining we were chillin. like a lot. however some people get upset at me when i try to pick up the pace so i just kept my mouth shut and went with it. then i was runnin with ell and she felt like we were chillin too so we picked up the pace together and our group kept a solid pace the rest of the run. the pack kinda fell apart right before we flipped but we kept it kinda together at the end. definently needs some work tho. hard run today. my legs were super tired but it was good. also we kept pushin when we were tired...CONFIDENCE BABAY !!! 

gonna try to keep my blog...under control. so ill just tell you some highlights of my day hahaha. oh heres is one fabulous thing that wasnt so fabulous for my teacher. well when we were gone on friday for murray i missed a quiz in language arts on the book were reading and she told us we had to do it today during lunch. i really didnt want to of course (plus i am always falling asleep while she reads us the book so i dont know too much about it) but i was like whatever i can get it done with and hopefully then my grade will go up. then i said "how long will it take" and she was like "prolly like 35 minutes or more" and i was like "noooooooooooooooooooooo" cuz i love lunch and i had really good food today that needed the microwave. later during class i was, once again, falling asleep while reading the book and all the sudden i was wide awake cuz she was like freaking out. she accidentally deleted all of the quiz scores for everybody in all of her classes. she felt so bad but it was like the best thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! then i didnt have to take the quiz (and i never will) and basically everyone in my class has a A now :))))) this was like the bestest thing to ever happen. oh spanish was good as well. i loooooooooooooooove spanish. its quite fun and me and ry have a jolly good time!! plus i acually knew the stuff he was saying spanish and that was coooooooooool. then...math was bad. i was falling asleep the whole time in their too and i didnt learn anything. to make things worse mrs... (i wont use names ;)) was in a really really bad mood and kept yelling at kids for talking even tho they werent talking that much and and time a kid even looked at a text for like 2 seconds when she wasnt doing anything she yelled at them too. then i was awake completely and my cool friend maddie taught me how to do the hard stuff we learned. after that i balled in volleyball agian. jk i suck but im workin on it lol. its sooooooooooo fun. i cant rlly think of anything else but good luck to all my homies racin tomorrow. ill be cheerin real loud for all yall. just go for it.

also s/o to all my swag friends cuz your my fave people ever ;)))

oh and s/o to the baller @ryleeholt cuz shes my spanish bud and she gave me a shoutout on her blog so go read hers. its quite fun to read ;)

Total Distance

am- 20 minutes babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

pm- workout wednesday !!! todays workout was good. ran over on the sandhollow golf course thingy and then watched the rest of my bffs race afterwards. dude today we ran longer than our long run on monday and ran like 85 minutes hahahaha. thats ok it was gooooooood. at first the course was suuuuuuuuuuper suuuuuuuuuuuuuper confusing but they fixed up a bit and marked it better. also the course felt super long when we did our warm up but good thing is after jadas race she said it didnt feel super long like it did for us so thats good. also they have the little water thingys so you can stay hydrated while you play golf so if ya really wanted to you could just get a drink during your race. that was a joke. dont do that.

today i finished my bracelet in jewelry and now im makin a dope swag chain. also i went to math and got really hard homework and learned absolutely nothing but at least i didnt fall asleep :)) the races today were super fun to watch although they stressed me out sooooooo much hahaha. everybody did suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper good.

also sorry for a the spelling errors, im workin on it hahahahaha #growthmindsetsferlyfe


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fyi i have absolutely no idea what my mileage is hahahaha

am- weights and plyos with the whole team on the swag new gym floor. its almost as cool as our broken old track :/

pm- only like 35 or somethin today cuz we went like 25 minutes over yesterday so we cut a few off. went out 30 and then did 8 striders they were mighty fine. also we did some ab stuff. it was hard cuz im super super boney so the floor hurts me no matter what i do but they were good too. i was a little bummed however cuz we couldnt go outside at first cuz we were on lightning warning and when they finally let us go out it was sunny and all the rain was dried up :( but today acually felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and it was doooooooooooooooooope.

today was fantabulous. this morning i was sorta awake but i was like falling back asleep and a super loud crash of thunder woke me up and then i watched the lightning for a bit, man i love lightning and thunder. their cool. today was also fantabulous cuz i didnt fall asleep in language arts (btw when i say fall asleep its not like completely its just like i put my head down and my eyes keep closing or my head keeps like falling down and i barely keep myself awake lol, ive only acually fallin asleep once in mr brockmans class for 10 minutes hahahaha) then i led the song in seminary and got to walk to the seminary building in the rain. rain is cool :) then in spanish me and rylee were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. we didnt fight or be disruptive. in fact we didnt talk the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME !!! it was really really hard cuz me and ry love to say stupid things all the time in that class and we usually get in trouble for fighting and never shutting up. today was different and we were sooooooooooooooo good. also it was good cuz senor eves thought we couldnt do it so he timed us and we made it the whole time. lunch was good and i ate quesidillas. math was the weirdist thing everrrrrr. for the first 15 minutes we didnt have a teacher. we were supposed to have a sub but it didnt come. then the office lady called to our classroom and asked if we had a teacher and half the class lied and said yeah and half us said no. then ammon hooked up his music to the teachers speakers and played this garbage music and then everybody was like the office lady is coming!! so he unplugged it real quick and she got us started on math. then like halfway through class our sub came. he was super old and tried to convince us that he was obi wan kenobi and his phone had star wars music playing from it half the time. also he blew his whistle at us when we werent listening and it was scary (dont worry i was good and listened to him all the times) ammon had his music going through the speakers the whole time but it was kinda quiet and our sub was old so he never even knew. also the sub told us some jokes and i didnt get them at all but when do i ever. then i got even more hard homework that i dont know how to do and went to pe. i didnt do very good at volleyball today but thats ok. im workin on it. #growthmindsetsferlyfeonceagian ;) now i have ta go do gallons of homework. peace yo.

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am- 20 minute run with pylos and yoga after. 

pm- 15 warm up, 5 striders, 15 tempo gradually getting faster and coooooooooooooooool down. good workout today! it felt goooooooood outside and it wasnt blazing hot. the tempo was swell as well. i like 15 minute ones when we get faster cuz 1st its not long and 2nd we switch leads every 3 minutes and also get faster every 3 minutes and it just seems to go buy really really fast. also i like the end cuz we always say something like ****** is coming up behind you or there are some ************ girls coming right behind us and we go as fast as we can for the last bit. its reallllllllllllllllllllll fun!! also i like when coach rides his bike by us and helps us. its cool. its like mcfarland hahahahaha. had a good solid 4 but our pack kinda suffered. i really hope we can take some action and make a bomb pack.

today was good. like everyday. everyday is good. at first it was kinda a sad day tho cuz in jewlery i was havin a really hard time with my chain but then i got it eventually. then in intro to health i found some papers and hurried and studied for my test for like 15 minutes and did my whole review in class and then we took the test. i passed. barely so im retaking it, like a lot of kids in my class. i did kinda good but some parts i didnt. funny thing tho, mr miller came into class part way through (we had a sub today cuz of the blood drive) and some kids were like there was these questions that we didnt even know about and he was like...oh i forgot to teach you that...oh well. i got a few of them right cuz i guessed but that was a real bummer. biology was cool tho cuz we made marshmello molecules and then got to eat them. it was fun...even tho i dont like marshmellos. then lots of people were gone at lunch and when people are gone i just go cry in the corner. jk but still its a sad day when lots of people are gone. then in math ms julianna was gone again and our sub couldnt do math so i just sat and ate some food while i tried to figure it out. in foods we finished our movie. i dont like that movie :/ however practice was fun cuz i just love seeing all my bffs and having a jolly good time with them !! also i ate a pine nut and it was good but the rest i opened were empty and that was a bummer. i decided not to go to the football game which was a bad idea cuz i kinda wish i went cuz there so fun but its whatever i just hung out with brook and laney and they showed my allve their dances. they were just fabulous. 

even tho today wasnt super im excited for tomorrow cuz i get to see allve my bffs and party with them all day. whooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!!

oh btw im listening to thomas rhett currently and its just faboulous :))))

have a good day. peace yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

wow todays blog is short i just noticed. bumma 

oh one more thing lol. alex caught a scorpion last night. it is currently in an orange juice bottle on the counter hahahaha but dont worry i poked it some air holes. except i think hes almost dead bumma bumma

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am- goooooooooooood run down hell hole !!! good good pace the whooooooooole time too and it was muy bueno. wow im a pro spanish speaker i think. that reminds me...a lady in line for the car wash today was talking to me and rylee in spanish and it was so dope and i knew some of the stuff and me and rylee even responded a little. then she talked in english tho cuz were acually not that good ha. ha. ha... 

wow its always a good day when body like a back road comes on because it literally never comes on and its the first song that came on just barely woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

well today was just fabulous. i got to hold lots of money and got a gnarley sunburn line that hurts sooooooooooooooooooo bad. also i got to hang out with my bffs rylee and neptune :) also i went to kilos with some of my bffs name ellie and addi and it was so fun !! (side note: another epic song just came on. wow this is just faboulous) me and ry were really social today while we directed people at the car wash and took their money and such. it was swaaaaaaaaaaaag. also people are so nice, we got some huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge tips yo. it was swag. also s/o to mishan for giving me money :)) wow something happy sad happened tho. mr reid came to the car wash and he is probably like the dopest teacher of all time. also he was my homeroom teacher and i would go to his class everyday in the morning with my dope swag friend kaitlin and we'd write the whole agenda and all that stuff on the board for him cuz i liked to do that. also he would let me do anything i wanted and it was sooooooooooooooo dope. anyway he came to the car wash and i didnt recognize him at first and i just joked around and acted like i knew him cuz obviously he knew me but i had no idea who he was. finally i figured it out tho cuz he told me his homeroom sucks this year which is a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal bummer :( good thing is he never ever found out that i didnt recognize him cuz i just acted like i did, which is good cuz i did know him lol. well today was good and thats all i have to say. peace yoooooooooooooooooo.

wow this is a problem i feel like i was gonna write somethin dope but i cant remember what it is. this is a reallllllllll bummer :(((

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