SWAG JESSICA goes on runs Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/ Tue, 20 Mar 2018 01:32:40 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Mon, Mar 19, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-19-2018.html <p>am- 75 in washington. suuuuuuuuuuuuuper good run !! big confidence builder. ive done longer runs and stuff before but since getting back on the grind&nbsp;after being injured ive only done 2 full long runs and the last one was the suckiest run of my life @lastweek. i #rllydidntwanttowakeup but i got up nevertheless and went. the first bit i was thinking a bit negatively because i wanted to go back to bed and all i could think about was the super hard, long run we had left. once we hit maverick hill i powered up that (cuz i like to get it over with quick hahah) and then we grouped up and started the &quot;workout&quot; part. 2*5 min of easy tempo (7:40?) then 2*7 min tempo (7:20?) and then 1*5 min thresh (6:40?) all w/ 2 min recovery. all of those a lil hard but real good !!&nbsp;personally it feels wayyyyyyyyyyyy better for me to go fast also i dont like people being in front of me or on the side of me because i feel super closed in hahhah. i love going fast cuz it makes me feel like im working hard but also makes it way easier haaha. down the hills i actually didnt get behind like i usually do cuz it rlly hurts my knees to go downhill. it still hurt them quite a bit but i just kept going and didnt let a dumb knee restrict me. hahah shin hurt a little tho cuz brook threw a snow boot on my shin yesterday. knees hurt a tonnnnnnnnnnnnn throughout the day but not in the tendinitus way but in the middle of them. it doesnt worry me tho cuz ive got bad knees anyway and a knee disease so no matter what i do theyll prolly hurt forever lol</p> <p>pm- 15// knees killed so i went as far as i could and then came back and iced</p> <p>s/o to py and alli, good job this morning ;)</p> Mon, 19 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Mar 17, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-17-2018.html <p>guessing on mileage cuz i still dont have my watch haha</p> <p>am- ran w/ ry and py in green springs. fun run !!</p> <p>pm- 20 w/ py at my house in the dark while it was raining hahah. we vlogged while we ran and it was a real good time</p> Sat, 17 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Mar 16, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-16-2018.html <p>am- 45 up buena vista blvd and through the tunnels onto the dirt mile, ran there for a sec and then back the same way. haha&nbsp;funny thing is i always do this run when i have to run by myself and i rarely run in my neighborhood cuz although i love when we run to green springs im kinda sick of it once saturday (or friday) comes hahah. plus its got a slight, super easy and unnoticable incline the whole way out but then the way back its allllllllllllllllllllll downhill ;) felt the best ive felt all week and it felt rlly good outside and i got to sleep in a bit hahah. good run !!</p> <p>also ya know how people always say its nice to run alone occasionally because its nice to think and stuff? well im sure that is true for basically everybody in the world, except for me.&nbsp;if i dont have a partner or somebody to talk to, all that goes through my head the whole entire time is this, my blog, it goes through my head like&nbsp;50 billion times and its like i just keep typing it out in my head. although i looooooooooooooooove blogging its pretty annoying tbh cuz i want to think and stuff but all i can think about is my blog. literally everything i just wrote (including this line right here) went through my head over and over and over on my run hahah</p> <p>oh also my hip has been hurting again&nbsp;at the beggining of runs and luckily it goes away and im fine, but its kinda annoying cuz its been hurting off and on since february....... of 2017</p> <p>also it #bums me out when nobody blogs because then i have nothing to do on this fabulous spring break of mine. help a friend out... and blog :))</p> <p>one more thing hahah. i still dont have my watch so i just set a stop watch and the timer on the oven for 45 minutes and left and i got back with one minute left. k thats cool&nbsp;bye</p> Fri, 16 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Thu, Mar 15, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-15-2018.html <p>am- met at addi&#39;s and ran roller coaster hills w/ el, ad, alli, alli, sylvia and jenna. we only had 45 today haha but we did tomorrows run so 60 w/ hill circuits (our hill circuits were the roller coasters haha). breakfast after :)) good run :))</p> Thu, 15 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Mar 14, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-14-2018.html <p>am- 10 warm, 5 tempo, 4*1000 and then a 400 and 600 and then cooled to 60 minutes. met at 8:30 and&nbsp;only me ellie, jenna and alli brown came but it was good and we all had a partner for our workout so that was good. when i first saw the workout i thought it was four thousands and one 400 and one 600 but then i got some texts cuz everybody was a little confused which made me think it was 4*(1000, 400, 600) so we did that&nbsp;and after one rep as we started the next we&nbsp;realized we were already at 40 minutes so we were prolly doin it wrong haha. hard but pretty good workout. all the runs this week have felt rlly hard but despite it being a workout, the runs seem to be getting a little better everyday. also my back rlllllllllllllllllllllllly hurt. k thats all byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee</p> <p>oh i think they put some new&nbsp;turf on the bad parts of the track cuz it looked like it was wet even tho it wasnt and it was rlly squishy hahah.&nbsp;</p> <p>oh also it was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper muggy and hot which was a bummer cuz i thought it was gonna be cold but if youre not running its kinda perfect hahaha</p> <p>also jacey i think you have my watch hahah</p> <p>also.... i wish people blogged :/</p> <p>k thats REALLY all... i think... bye</p> Wed, 14 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Mar 13, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-13-2018.html <p>am- 45 w/ el, ness and sylvia. didn&#39;t feel amazing or anything but this run was&nbsp;78% better than yesterday</p> <p>oh also a few fun &quot;facts&quot;... after the crappy run yesterday, the crappiness nvr went away all day, but then i took a 2 hour nap a felt good</p> <p>also in my household we neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr buy white bread. one time nick was so desperate that he used&nbsp;our own chore money and buy our own bread. anyway a magical thing happened and my dear mother bought me a loaf of white bread... i ate the whole thing by myself in less than 24 hours. including the heels, which id&nbsp;rather die than eat a wheat bread heel (k not rlly but i just h8 them a lot) k that was cool byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee</p> Tue, 13 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Mar 12, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-12-2018.html <p>am- 75/ 20 on prospector and the rest on the road w/ jace cuz the trails were hurting her more. hardest run like in my life haha. my legs were so heavy and it was hard from the very beggining. some various reps of tempo mixed in which were rlly hard as well. i just had super heavy and tired legs and my left quad got rlllllllllllllllllllly tight half way through, also my head and eyes hurt and it felt like my head was gonna pop off basically. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper hard run but the tamale man came to my house so i ate tamales when i got home and that was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper good.&nbsp;</p> <p>k byeeeee</p> Mon, 12 Mar 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Mar 09, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-09-2018.html <p>am- 20 minutes and yoga</p> <p>pm- warm up and then ran the mile. i sucked rlly bad but im excited for pv invite cuz hopefully ill be more in shape by that point haha. cool down and then warm up later for the 4 by 4. personally i didnt do good but it wasnt like suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper terrible ig.&nbsp;</p> Fri, 09 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Thu, Mar 08, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-08-2018.html <p>am- some weights, some exercises and like 13 minute run.</p> <p>pm- 45 through middleton. legs were rllllllllllllllllllly tired today but all that means to me is that im getting the tiredness out so its not there tomorrow. right shin hurts a lot</p> <p>also i cant find my spikes anywhereeeeeeeeeeeee. hopefully ill find them within the next 5 hours. along with&nbsp; my uniform cuz idk where that is either hahah. this literally happens EVERY single night before a race lol</p> <p>school was good. i cant rlly remember it but i do remember that mr guitar teacher brought his rlly cute fluffy white puppy that kinda resembles a teddy/polar bear. it was like touching a cloud kinda</p> <p>k bye</p> Thu, 08 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Wed, Mar 07, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-07-2018.html <p>TODAY WAS THE BEST RUNNING DAY EVERRRRRR</p> <p>am- 20 minutes !!!!!!!!!! first morning run in a loooooooooooooooooong time.</p> <p>pm- 70 minutes (i think) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is by farrrrrrrr the furthest ive run in what feels like forever !! going into the workout i was rlly dreading it but it was soooooooooooooooo good !! also it felt sooooooooooooo good to finally do all of a workout and feel good !! 10 warm, 5 tempo and then 2*1200m, 2*(400m, 400m, 600m) all at cv and then 1 hill circuit and handoffs. today was thee besttttttttttttttttttttttttt</p> <p>also i trimmed another cylinder today in ceramics&nbsp;and although it is still trash its significantly better then my other one and so thats cool&nbsp;</p> <p>also happy b day to alli b !!!! love you lots !!! &lt;33</p> Wed, 07 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Tue, Mar 06, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-06-2018.html <p>am- weights (the ones i could do)</p> <p>pm- 50 in washington. dangggg good run today :)) little pain in my right shin at first&nbsp;but it went away and never came back. also idk how to explain it, but where my left big toe connects to my foot&nbsp;rlly hurt but i just tried to not think about it cuz it wasnt gonna kill me or anything so... although my knees still hurt once i get home and stop and stuff, theyve been feeling a lotttttttt better these past few runs which im #grateful4 cuz it sucks to always hurt so bad you limp :( any way today was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper good and i ran/talked to pyper the whole time and were gonna party all summer and its going to be great :) also. sidenote,&nbsp;pyper is one of the hardest workers i know and shes gonna do some real awesome things real soon :))</p> <p>also #guessin on mileage cuz i dont know it</p> <p>also about yesterdays events...the fbi was involved too and it was a bomb. #thankful to be here</p> Tue, 06 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Mon, Mar 05, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-05-2018.html <p>am- 60 minutes out on like dixie rock and such. idk how many miles tho. knees felt pretty good... prolly cuz it was like they were icing while i was running haha</p> <p>my running stuff is locked in the locker room at school and im #bummed cuz i cant get it cuz some kid had a bomb or something of that sort&nbsp;at our school so we got evacuated and chilled on the football field for 2 hours and &quot;we are not allowed to enter until the investigation is over&quot; so nobody can get anything. also there was like 50 billion cops and the bomb squad was there and firemen and news people&nbsp;and stuff and they had caution tape everywhere and there was a bomb robot there so that was cool</p> Mon, 05 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Sat, Mar 03, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-03-2018.html <p>am- run at sullivan w/ py addi alli alli and jenna. knees hurt basically the whole time. they&nbsp;felt a tiny bit bettter towards the end but stilll hurt haha. good run tho and we saw lots of cool things, for instance: a cute few week old yellow lab puppy that was basically a baby sally and was soooooooooooooooo cute, many more cool&nbsp;dogs, rlly cute, funny&nbsp;donkeys that tried to eat my shoelaces, majestic horses, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd jose&#39;s parents haahah. good run :)</p> <p>oh and last night i went to 2 b day parties and i didnt want to go to either but im glad i did cuz the first one was fun and the second one was soooooooooooooooo fun and i think im gonna be a famous dancer one day ;))</p> Sat, 03 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Fri, Mar 02, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-02-2018.html <p>am- exercises and yogaaaaaa</p> <p>pm- 45 in green springs. knees hurt the whole time but it was a good run</p> <p>yesterday i trimmed my very 1st cylinder in ceramics. it looks very very very bad but thats ok hahaha</p> Fri, 02 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Thu, Mar 01, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-03-01-2018.html <p>am- exercises, bench and leg machine thing</p> <p>pm- 10 warm up, 5 tempo, 2*800m at cv pace, and kosmin test. warm up hurt. 800&#39;s were decent and i sucked up that kosmin. knees didnt necessarily hurt however i felt sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo tired. first part of the minute was fine and then i was completely dead. also ran in trainers instead of spikes because my arches have been killing me. oh also, although my knees have been feeling a little better, when i get home (or stop, like after the cosmin) my knees start to killlllllllllllllllllllllllll.</p> <p>on a happy note... most mileage for like a month so thats cool ig</p> Thu, 01 Mar 2018 07:00:00 Wed, Feb 28, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-28-2018.html <p>am- exercises</p> <p>pm- 32 minutes&nbsp;to sandbergs !!! i missed sandbergs quite a lot so glad we finally got to go haha. nobody got all the way in cuz it was kinda chilly (which is kinda a bummer cuz its the funnest part) but when it gets warmer were gonna partyyyyyy !! runs like these bring us a lil closer i think :))</p> Wed, 28 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Tue, Feb 27, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-27-2018.html <p>am- exercises</p> <p>pm- 40 minutes. flipped back early w/ ry cuz she didnt feel good and then finished up on the track. knees are feeling a lot better so hopefully ill be able to do full workouts pretty soon :))</p> <p>also today we didnt have school cuz the juniors were takin the act so me jada ellie caroline and brianna partied and it was the funnest time everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr</p> Tue, 27 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Mon, Feb 26, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-26-2018.html <p>am- woke up 2 minutes before practice started so i ran w/ my dad at home. i actually have no idea how long or how far i went for morning or afternoon but it was good and my knees didnt hurt rlly.</p> <p>pm- short baby run</p> Mon, 26 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Fri, Feb 23, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-23-2018.html <p>am- exercises and yoga</p> <p>pm- 35 minutes around the school w/ the boysssss and briannaaaa. hot but fun run. going a good pace feels good. plus me and brianna made a game out of the run and it was quite a good time.</p> Fri, 23 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Thu, Feb 22, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-22-2018.html <p>am- exercises, bench and leg thingys</p> <p>pm- 35 minutes. knees didnt rlly hurt but my shins hurt a lil bit. fine runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :)</p> <p>go follow @p_j_slimes on insta. i promise you will not be disappointed. whoever runs this account should be given some magnificent award cuz it is the best thing on the earth, no joke</p> Thu, 22 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Wed, Feb 21, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-21-2018.html <p>am- exercises</p> <p>pm- lil workout. 15 warm (including 5 tempo), 2*400m&nbsp;then 1*800m and then 2*400m then a cool downnnnnnnnnnnn. iced after. little to no knee pain today but shins hurt a bit ://&nbsp;</p> <p>i made a rlly sucky mug in ceramics today but apparently it was fine enough so ive got one doneeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!</p> Wed, 21 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Tue, Feb 20, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-20-2018.html <p>am- exercises</p> <p>pm- 35 minutes into green springs. group kinda got split up at the light cuz we thought we were going to middleton but then we &quot;re-routed&quot; i guess haha. we were kinda all in groups of 2 or so but on the way back me and ry ended up with add which was good and soon grouped up with ellie and gracie and jada also&nbsp;and then a few freshies plus sylvia joined at hearts. fun short run. little bit of knee pain but felt pretty good. left shin was bothering me a bit which im a little worried about but addi told me what to do to help it. it was kinda rlly cold today but it was fine. #gooooooooooooood run today :))</p> <p>s/o to my fav home dawg jacey mae finch. happy b dayyyyyyyyyyyy &lt;333</p> Tue, 20 Feb 2018 07:00:00 Mon, Feb 19, 2018 http://jessicahill.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-19-2018.html <p>am- rim trail mostly with jenna. not rlly sure on mileage but 6 seemed like a good guess. knees didnt start hurting until the way back and they then&nbsp;hurt the whole way back. i cant rlly tell how they actually felt cuz it was mostly downhill and that hurts my knees anyway. oh cool thing...it was snowing for like the first time in forever and it was soooooooooooooooooooooo freezing but it was fun and then me and julien jammed to 99.9 for like a half hour (actually rlly just me cuz julien thought it was dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb but it wasnt at allllllll) until everybody else got back.&nbsp;</p> <p>oh also this was my longest run in like 2 weeks so thats cool</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 07:00:00